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Lovely Little Neon Strings

I’m seriously gaga over neon this summer. Who isn’t? Neon (especially neon pink) looks good on everybody, and its just the bright shock of chip-cheeriness the world needs right now, if you ask me. I’m also loving the delicate way neon is surfacing in more elemental areas of design and jewelry (especially kids jewelry! so […]

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I Have a Curated Slideshow on

This was so much fun! Have you checked out the newly revamped Kirsty? It’s streamlined, curated, and a visual treat for anyone who loves thematic roundups.  While I do love Pinterest, it sometimes gives me anxiety.  Kirtsy is cleaned up, designed with restraint and organized with a great eye. I was so glad to participate! […]

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Alyson Fox Fete Necklaces

I’ve been a big admirer of Alyson Fox’s work for a loooong time.  First her drawings, then, well, everything else. This gal’s creativity knows no bounds.  Naturally, I was excited and thrilled to see a set of lovely necklaces by Alyson Fox created for Of A Kind on sale today! I treated myself to the […]

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Sepia Beauty Jewelry

Sepia Beauty just launched a new jewelry site, and oh man does she have a good thing going! Maybe it’s because I’m a little cray-cray over neon lately, but these bold chunky necklaces are really calling out to me. (And affordably priced to boot.) Rope! Copper! Love it!  Gonna keep an eye on this designer […]

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Miu Miu Capretto Sandals

Plus: These Capretto Sandals by Miu Miu are fantastic, and in all the shades of neon I’m loving for summer. Minus: I do believe they’re $550. photos courtesy Miu Miu

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